How it Works

Ordering and Delivery

 Farm Beach Bethel is a local farm nestled in Bethel, Ohio which offers seasonal produce, grown closest to Nature, 4 seasons of the year. When you place an order with our farm you can trust that your food is handled with loving consideration from the time it was planted until it reaches your doorstep.


All CSA bags will be delivered Sunday afternoon.

All shareholders are asked to place either a cooler or box on their front porch to receive their weekly bags. 

Our driver will text you when your share has been dropped. There is no need to greet or receive him - everything is already taken care of. We will pro-rate the price if joining after start date.

Remember our driver would sure appreciate tips - let's take good care of him!

Organic Vegetables


Produce Ordering Enlightenment

Every Saturday morning the availability of fresh produce will be updated. 

Shopping will be open from 10 am - 6 pm every Saturday.

Please choose "home delivery" or our pick-up drive-thru location.

$25 Minimum order is appreciated.

Fresh Organic Vegetables

Delivery Options

$5 - Home delivery in the Cincinnati area.

$0 - Pick-up at Hyde Park Farmers' Market 

              Hyde Park Square

               Sundays 9:30-1:00

                    (12:30-1:00 for at-risk patrons)

  For more information and up-to-date market guidelines on shopping visit:

Hyde Park Market

Crate of Vegetables

Please note, this system is completely new to us - please be patient as we work out the glitches.