Sarah and Adam Mancino

About Us

16 years ago Sarah and Adam Mancino moved from creating art on canvas to planting a rainbow in the Earth. Trained and practiced as artists and educators, their medium transformed from paintbrush and paint to cultivator and seed. With a conscious decision to homestead and take care of their family, growing nutrition to feed local families became their focus and vocation. With a promise to only raise quality, organically grown, nutrient-dense produce, the Mancino family provides fresh vegetables year around. 

Their Elders gave them instruction to always remember where our food comes from and to give thanks. They informed them to be stewards of this Earth and take care of the soil from which everyone’s nourishment grows. Their Grandparents showed them how to select good seed and gently tuck it in the Earth and quietly step back in observation as all of our relatives facilitate the natural cycle - this is walking in an honest way, they have told us, this is cultivating and caring for the cycle of life 7 generations forward. 

Sarah and Adam provide food you can trust grown closest to nature. With the Earth as their first teacher she directs them to the soil as their textbook. We are all Soil Stewards and on their farm they live with a commitment, first and foremost, to the health of our planet and the soil with which we all depend.   

Sarah and Adam Mancino at Farm Beach Bethel live in Bethel, Ohio and attend Findlay Market each Saturday April-October and The Hyde Park Market every Sunday, every month of the year. You can find them on Facebook or they welcome a call anytime at 513.734.6928.